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Co-founder at Celzo
“On fire! Very thankful to work with Tianna and Erv for content creation and accounting.”
Program Director at Antler
“Wow! Loved working with Bailey and Alexa. The best!"”
Founder at Advance Pay
"Awesome designers. Kayln is amazing."
Founding Partner at Uniq Capital
"Megan created an impressive research report on the EU's venture capital market."
Student at New York University
"gudwork offered me a unique and flexible opportunity to develop my technical skills, build my portfolio, and gain real-life work experience, all while receiving competitive compensation for my work."
Student at The University of Michigan
"gudwork is exactly what college students have been missing, and I am aleady looking forward to my next project on the platform."
MBA Student at New York University
"killer for someone like me looking for non-traditional MBA internships in vc/startups."
Student at University of Texas Austin
"I am thrilled to see the pathway Gudwork is paving!"